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French neighbours are the best

Reports in the British press and on various television channels that the British are getting fed up with the thoughtless, noisy, intrusive, and discourteous people next door, prompt me to list a dozen good reasons why French neighbours are the best.

French neighbours are the best becasue...

1. they always smile, look you in the eye, and say bonjour

2. neighbours in the country will regularly make a gift of vegetables or fruit from their garden - often just leaving it on the doorstep

3. any little disputes are usually settled over a bottled of claret

4. they are always very grateful for any assistance they receive

5. they are always more than willing to help out whenever help is needed

6. they don't laugh at your funny accent and mistakes as you try manfully to master their language

7. they are always delightful company at a soiree

8. they are often a wonderful source of cheap goodies – for example a supplier of excellent Calvados

9. they will keep an eye on your property whether you ask them or not and contact you if ever there is a problem

10. they are always an invaluable advisory service on all aspects of gardening, again whether you ask them or not!!

11. they will always treat a foreigner with nothing but kindness and consideration

12. and finally they are respectful and neighbourly at all times : les voisins parfait!!

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Fraser Blake at home in France  A Rant to Far Book cover  Dear Chips book cover 

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Fraser Blake, 70, author of 'Dear Chips' and 'A Rant Too Far?' grew up in Africa, was at school in Scotland, and worked for the British South Africa Police in Southern Rhodesia. He has taught English in Saudi Arabia and sold and renovated hundreds of properties in Northern France.

In 1998 Fraser was selling houses in the Mayenne department of the Pays de la Loire region and so was the obvious choice, when Cle France was started, to be their first agent on the ground in France. In retirement he writes, blogs, cooks, drinks wine, and hosts to dinner unlimited numbers of ex-pats.

Always on hand with a viewpoint, Fraser is going to share his views on France, the French and the British, and other people who buy in France. Sometimes informative, sometimes funny, painfully true, outrageously opinionated but always entertaining so we hope it adds a slightly different dimension to the usual normality of searching through the fantastic properties for sale on the Cle France website.

Watch out for more rants and opinion next week or buy the book today for a rollicking good read.

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