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It's been hectic (two moves in London, and one move-in in France!).

Having the right estate agent in France is extremely important so that you can find the perfect property and then navigate your way through the, not as complex as one first though, French property purchasing system - and Cle France have an excellent agent indeed.  

Not only that, the advice offered by Cle France before and during the negotiations was invaluable.

We did not appreciate how involved our French agent would be throughout the process, so having that right agent at the outset put us on the right path.  

We're now settled into our property and am very happy to be starting this new adventure.

Mr R Elliott.

Everyone seems to have a busy life these days and at Cle France French Property Network we understand this and make sure our clients are guided throught the buying process in France with efficiency and competence to make sure your property purchase goes as smooth as possible. Mr Elliott bought a superb property with us in the Burgudy region of France.

Thank you Cle France

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